Orchestro Solutions

Orchestro helps consumer-driven enterprises shape future demand and successfully meet the challenge of new data sources, more connected shoppers, and more interdependent supply chains. Make sense of tens of thousands of sources of information with adaptive analytical applications

Orchestro’s enterprise-scale solutions provide a complete picture of consumer demand, helping you better collaborate across departments, improve in-store execution and increase revenue.

Our solutions provide advanced analytics of POS, syndicated, and other data sources, delivering:

  • Data Harmonization
  • Sales Performance Insights
  • Promotion Execution
  • New Product Introduction
  • Category Analysis
  • Planogram Analysis

Companies need more actionable intelligence to move from responding to market shi s to orchestrating them. For over a decade, leading brands have relied on Orchestro to leverage a vast array of data to drive better decisions around assortment, replenishment, space allocation and new products.

With roots as an enterprise Demand Signal Repository (DSR) and access to a wealth of consumer, channel and operational data, we innovated better ways to cleanse and harmonize vast amounts of varied information, the very definition of Big Data. We then introduced new means of driving value from this deep resource: predictive analytics, cloud-native dashboards and demand sensing applications. Today, our closed-loop demand execution solutions interpret business implications for competitive advantage.

Tango Insights

The Foundation for Effective Demand Signal Management

CPG companies are increasingly leveraging point-of-sale (POS), inventory, internal shipments, and syndicated data, as well as other data sources. They need a demand analytics platform to capture, cleanse and analyze this wide array of data, as well as present insights and recommendations to shape demand decisions.

With Tango Insights™, your demand data comes to life through visualizations and intuitive dashboards, enhancing your productivity so you and your team can focus on more meaningful tasks.In addition, our flexible business rules engine enables you to monitor demand with exception-based alerts for critical demand signals such as days of supply, in-stock percentage or phantom inventory.

Tango Insights includes pre-built content for sales, category managers and supply chain, helping you:
  • Showcase category expertise and drive assortment decisions
  • Drive collaborative account growth strategies with retailer customers
  • Improve service levels across the omni-channel supply chain
  • Maximize supply chain efficiency through detailed analytics
  • Track market performance and identify consumer trends

Tango Science

Demand Sensing to Improve Omni-channel Execution

Product demand can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis for a variety of reasons. How do you know which fluctuations are normal, and which may need action? How can you anticipate potential availability issues before they become problems? How can you ensure that promotions are executed properly to generate the lift you need? For many CPG companies, the answer is demand sensing.

Tango Science™ combines three sensing applications to create a single solution to help you proactively monitor and shape demand by managing on-shelf availability, driving promotion execution and improving forecast accuracy.


    ShelfSense delivers preemptive analyses of the drivers of on-shelf availability. Adaptive learning algorithms segregate availability issues from demand shifts, indicating appropriate actions to take. Customizable business rules generate alerts related to potential in-store execution concerns. ShelfSense helps you identify and resolve tactical issues, as well as illuminate and preempt systemic problems in replenishment and assortment plans.

    Key Benefits:

    • Identify and act on out-of-stocks, distribution voids, zero scans and phantom inventory
    • Monitor broker activity and ensure they are focused on the right issues to maximize productivity
    • Realign resources to drive prioritized intervention at the shelf
    • Strike a balance between holding stock and shelf assortment, by store cluster
    • Identify underlying inefficiencies in store fulfillment, forecasting and network design

    PromoSense helps you manage your promotions from start to finish – helping you define, track, and measure achievement relative to your promotional goals – and improve overall promotion efficiency.

    Using PromoSense’s intuitive user interface, you can set up events, select participating stores, set up item-level targets, create accurate store-specific orders, and assign teams to manage responsibilities. An interactive calendar enables you to view multiple promotions and activities together to quickly identify potential overlaps and conflicts.

    Key Benefits:

    • Quickly evaluate lift performance during and post promotion
    • Ensure compliance to price targets, inventory requirements or other promotional milestones
    • Easily determine best performing stores, items and regions at all stages
    • Avoid understock or overstock situations with inventory monitoring
    • Easily create accurate, store-specific orders for promotional inventory or replenishment

    CPG companies often leverage multiple, long-term forecasts within their planning processes – internal forecasts for sales or promotions, external forecasts from retailer or distributor partners, and even forecasts licensed from 3rd parties. With forecast errors still in the 20-40% range, the likelihood of conflicting forecast results could cause significant issues in the supply chain.

    DemandSense solves this problem by generating a near-term forecast utilizing demand signal inputs, causal variables and promotional information in concert with our proprietary NextCast™ algorithm. NextCast utilizes an ensemble method to select which forecast to use in which situation – so that the resulting near-term forecast is grounded in the current “state of play”.

    Key Benefits:

    • Leverages machine learning algorithms to continually optimize MAPE
    • Easily integrates with other internal systems such as ERP, S&OP, and Replenishment
    • Flexibly evaluates any internal or external forecast to improve overall accuracy, reducing out-of-stocks, minimizing overstocks and enabling “just-in-time” inventory to limit carrying costs of safety stock


Enterprise-Class Demand Signal Repository

As the volume, variety and velocity of demand data available to CPG companies grows, so does the need for a solution to store, manage and synchronize all of that data for use in analytics and other systems. More and more CPG companies are looking at demand signal repositories (DSRs) to capture, cleanse and synchronize retailer, distributor, syndicate and operational data, along with multiple other data sources.

Orchestro’s Harmonizer™ delivers a truly enterprise-class demand signal repository, enabling you to ingest, organize and verify your demand data. With Harmonizer, you can:

  • Capture data from any number of retailers or other sources – up to hundreds of files, across multiple subject areas, in a range of formats
  • Cleanse that data using data profiling and other tools to ensure internal and historical consistency
  • Synchronize the demand data to align and rationalize metrics based on time frames, product information, retailer calendars, etc. and enable apples-to-apples comparisons across any combination of retailer, region, store, product, or SKU
  • Verify data accuracy through data audits, comparisons with source data and other means
  • Integrate harmonized demand data with other systems, including Orchestro’s Tango demand analytics and demand sensing platform, as well as S&OP systems, broker systems, supply chain and logistics systems.
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