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IT4IT™ Accredited Training Program

IT4IT™, an evolving Open Group standard that provides a vendor neutral, technology agnostic and industry agnostic reference architecture for managing the Business of IT, enabling insight for continuous improvement. IT4IT™ provides the capabilities for managing the business of IT and enable IT execution across the entire Value Chain in a better, faster, cheaper way with less risk.

Value Proposition of IT4IT™:

For ‘consuming IT organizations’
  • Ability to track cost, performance, business value and risk as a basis for improvement decisions.
  • Dramatically reduced TCO of IT management solution.
For software vendors
  • Deliver integrated solutions at lower cost.
  • Opportunity to focus on differentiating innovation.
For software integrators
  • Move beyond traditional process consulting.
  • Faster, predictable time to value.
  • Higher quality delivery at lower cost to customer.
For individuals (‘within’ each of the organization types)
  • Personal professional development opportunity.

Who should attend:

The target audience for IT4IT™ Certified training includes but is not limited to:

  • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture and IT Value Chain
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for delivering IT Services
  • IT Professionals/Practitioners who are focused on instrumenting the IT management landscape

Course Features

  • 3 Days Classroom Training
  • Courseware accredited by The Open Group
  • IT4IT exam fee included in the course fee