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MEGA Training Program

The MEGA IT Architecture course will take you through the process of building an IT Architecture, showing how to deliver real value to your organization using a single, coherent source of information that describes all your IT assets. Your journey will start with an introduction to the basic concepts of IT architecture and modelling tools. Then, over the duration of the course, you will learn how to construct a complete IT Architecture, from creating an inventory of assets, to producing detailed maps of your technical infrastructure. As you progress, you will learn how to leverage the architecture using MEGA’s suite of analytical tools to produce reports showing how well your IT portfolio provides the capabilities required by your business. On the final day of the course, you will work through a complete case study based on a realistic scenario in order to practise, consolidate and demonstrate the skills you have learned. Together with a multiple choice exam, this exercise will be used as the basis of your assessment score for MEGA Certification.

Course Features

  • 5 Days Classroom Training
  • Architect exam fee included in the course fee.