Information Governance

Information Governance

As organizations strive for enhanced performance, they must ensure that they have the right controls and governance to support it. At Shift Technologies, we understand the value of good governance and how it plays a pivotal role in enhancing organization's growth and performance. For this purpose, we have developed our services line to deliver holistic governance-related services that focus on adding value to organizations as they plan and execute their growth.

For example, Shift Technologies was an early adopter of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture from The Open Group and is one of the first 11 organizations around the world who can provide accredited IT4IT™ training courses, supported by 2 of the first 40 IT4IT™ certified professionals globally. The IT4IT™ vision is a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT. The mission of The Open Group IT4IT Forum is to develop, evolve and drive the business adoption of the IT4IT Reference Architecture that would enable a fully integrated IT function that delivers business success while maintaining control. We have delivered various IT Governance engagements, and have aligned various frameworks, such as ITIL, COIBIT and PMBOK with the IT4IT reference architecture for a holistic and integrated view of the organization.

Additionally, we have invested heavily into our Governance, Risk, and Controls ("GRC") capabilities and have delivered multiple successful GRC implementations using MEGA. MEGA's Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions are designed to let GRC departments such as Risk Management, Internal Control, Compliance, and Internal Audit operate efficiently and effectively – and respond quickly to changing business needs. The GRC practices used in our solutions will give your top management the critical information it needs to strike the right balance between cost optimization, risk management, and capacity for innovation. More importantly, the MEGA GRC solutions are fully integrated with MEGA's Enterprise Architecture solution offerings, bringing the concept of a fully integrated and connected enterprise to reality.

Information Governance Offerings

We have listed below the broad Information Governance services that we provide

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Technology Governance
  • Analytics & Dashboarding
Governance, Risk and Compliance

We leverage the technology platform from MEGA for Governance, Risk and Compliance to deliver a holistic view of the organization. We provide insights and the control mechanism to address an organization's governance processes, and the efficient use of technology to manage complexity.

Technology Governance

We have extensive experience in delivering technology governance. Be it an overall Technology Value Chain through IT4IT, IT Risk Management Automation, or IT Service Management, we are able to advise clients on effective technology management, and how the various disciplines are to be integrated good practices in technology governance.

Analytics & Dashboarding

Additionally, we're able to work with various technology tools, such as iDashboards, to bring about the most pertinent information to light, and provide the deep analytics and insights to the right stakeholders. Our analysts are able to visualize and present information from across the organization to ensure accurate and smooth decision making.