Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Businesses must evolve. We are firm believers that in today's connected economy, the status-quo is not enough. We work with organizations in various sectors in transforming the way they operate, conduct business, and strategically plan for the future. We assist our clients in envisioning their future success, and enable them through cutting edge technology adoption.

Our clients come to us to better understand what "Digital" really means, what they need to do to be ready for being a Digital Enterprise, and how to get there. Shift Technologies consultants will not only help you put your digital strategy together, we will also help you throughout the execution of those strategies. Whether it is your Customer Journey maps, preparing for Agile Business, architecting your digital transformation, or the end-to-end delivery of a full digital transformation, Shift Technologies can help you achieve your digital agenda.

We have worked closely with our clients across various transformation initiatives:

  • Envisioning and designing Customer Journeys
  • Defining UX and UI needs to enhance Customer Journeys
  • Architecting digital services, cutting across business service and technology capability
  • Re-engineering and enhancing business processes
  • Defining value chains, value streams, and capability maps
  • Architecting large-scale, multi-faceted, and multi-year business transformation programs
  • Selecting the right technology platforms
  • Managing the full transformation programs, and taking ownership of end-to-end delivery

Our Business Transformation services fully leverage our Enterprise Architecture and Solutions capabilities to bring a unified, functional, and practical advice and vision. We can bring together our skills and capabilities to deliver innnovative solutions to meet your digital transformation needs.

Business Transformation Offerings

We have listed below the broad Business Transformation services that we provide

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital Business Strategies
  • Organization Readiness & Change
  • End-to-End Transformation
Customer Journey Mapping

We help our clients in developing their Customer Journey Maps in order to better understand how they interact with their customers, how they deliver their products and services, and how to optimize their internal processes in order to better service and retain them. We work with our clients to enhance their customer interactions using innovative technologies and streamlined business processes.

Digital Business Strategies

Adoption of "digital" requires out-of-the-box thinking and planning, and deep understanding of the opportunities available. Let Shift Technologies help you develop these digital strategies through technology adoption and innovation.

Organization Readiness & Change

Digital transformation is not only about the technology - it's also about the ability of the organization to change the way it thinks. We will help you prepare and reorganize in order to be ready for what's next.

End-to-End Transformation

Shift Technologies has the experience, capacity, and network to deliver your digital strategies. We work as Transformation Integrators, where we work deliver the full spectrum of Strategy to Execution of any digital transformation initiative.